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Takahashi-Harb Library 

Milford, CT

2015 - 2018

Awarded: 2020 AIA New England Merit Award for Design Excellence, "More with Less"


Project Team:

Naomi Darling - Principal  

Tyler Fielstra - Builder

Raffaele Aschettino - Structural Engineer


The Takahashi-Harb Library is the interior fit-out and conversion of an existing two car garage into a library and workspace. The couple, Sayumi and Boulos, are a performing violinist / academic and a computer scientist who designs and builds speaker systems. Both needed a workspace adjacent to the home. Liek the loft style apartment, the biggest challenge was to take away the garage feeling and enable the space to open to the exterior. It was necessary to keep the existing structural columns in the space but the two garage doors and intermediate column were removed and replaced with a big window wall to connect the library and workspace to the lush property beyond. Bookshelves for the couples’ extensive record and CD collection line the remaining three walls from floor to ceiling and a custom designed library ladder allows access to the upper shelves. 

perspective diagram library.jpg
190527 plan diagram final.jpg
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