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Naomi Darling Architecture, LLC, is a full service architecture and design practice founded in 2011 by Naomi Darling that emphasizes creative problem solving that optimizes given conditions of site and context to deliver projects that will be cherished and loved.  


Naomi Darling Architecture, LLC aims in all of our work to produce socially responsible and environmentally conscious projects. Our design process is highly rigorous and investigative.  Taking cues from nature, the relationship between architecture and landscape is a prominent source of inspiration in our work.   We begin with the site and understand the importance of thorough planning to reduce energy consumption and environmental footprint. Finally, an ethos of economy, simplicity and doing more with less define our ongoing commitment to holistic sustainability. 


Our projects range in scale both in terms of size and budget, as well as time and permanence.  Investigative temporary installations allow us an opportunity to work directly and quickly with materials.  Experience in the making of installations, sculpture, and furniture all informs the materiality, assembly and constructibility of our larger and more permanent built work.   Experience combined with analysis and research of traditional and unconventional construction methods all inform the tactile and experiential aspects of our final built work.  Naomi Darling Architecture, LLC is dedicated to projects that operate successfully at the scale of the site and landscape as well as the body and individual.  

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