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Sturges Studio 1-  Floor Plan.jpg

Sturges Studio

New Haven, CT

2011 – (on hold) 

Project Team:

Naomi Darling - Principal  


Located at the rear of an historic house on New Haven’s Wooster Square, this project designed the conversion of the existing 2-car brick garage into a landscape architect’s office while enabling it to still serve its original garage function.  The garage door was upgraded to a glass garage door to enable daylight to penetrate the space and allow a visual connection back to the green of Wooster Square.  The wood framed peaked roof was raised to accommodate a band of clerestory windows to the south for year round daylight access.  The roof was replaced with a flat green roof to mitigate storm water run-off and provide views of vegetation from the second and third story windows.  Separating the front office space from the rear (bike + kayak) storage area are band of bookshelves. 


Sturges Studio 2- Floor Plan.jpg
Sturges Studio 3-  Section.jpg
Sturges Studio 4-  Sections.jpg
Sturges Studio 5-  Summer Solar Access.j
Sturges Studio 6- Winter Solar
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