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Shipping Container Phase II_Quarry Final

Petit Container Studio

Branford, CT


Project Team:

Naomi Darling - Principal 

Maya Gamble 


An artist, who works in the Stony Creek granite quarry in a collaborative process with the industrial operation, needs a place on site to eat and sleep, to plan and draw, when not actively engaged in the making process.  As the quarry is subject to frequent vandalism, the “studio” needs to have 2 states – an open or occupied state and a closed state that is indestructible.  In addition, the sculptor wants the ability to transport his “studio” to other quarries enabling him to work with other granites.  We will convert a standard shipping container into a portable sculptor’s studio. 

Shipping Container Phase II_Interior Per
Shipping Container Phase II_ Elevation F
Shipping Container Phase II_ Section Fin
Shipping Container Phase II_Plan Final.p
Petit Container Studio 6.jpg
Petit Container Studio 5.jpg
Petit Container Studio 1.jpg
Petit Container Studio 4.jpg
Petit Container Studio 3.jpg
Petit Container Studio 2.jpg
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