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Old Saybrook Great Park

Old Saybrook, CT

2013 - Present

Project Team:

Naomi Darling - Principal 

Darrell Petit LLC - Sculptor

Spencer Hoyt 

Nicholas Jeffway

Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates - Civil Engineer

Sean Kernan - Photography

Old Saybrook Drone Footage

The town of Old Saybrook, Connecticut is creating a new public park on Main Street to be used year-round by residents as a place for gathering, recreation, walking the dog and watching butterflies.  The initial design proposal combines the property at 225 Main St., with the rear one-third of the property at 36 Lynde St, the site of the new Police Department.  The two properties are adjoining at the rear allowing for a seamless park experience.   


On a master plan scale, the site for the park extends the existing green space surrounding Town Hall across Main St creating a swath of green from the school to Town Hall and across Main St. to the rear of the new Police Department. From an environmental perspective, the extension of the green space creates a larger “patch” of habitat for birds and other species.   For the public enjoying a concert on the green in front of Town Hall, the green space across the street extends the visual and experiential greensward.    


The town has planned a two-phased implementation for the overall design.  The office of the First Selectman, the Parks and Recreation Department, Police Department, and members of the public all participated in meetings as the design was developed.  Phase 1, the work on the 225 Main St. parcel, is now complete.  The site at 225 Main St. is across the street from Town Hall and also from the Katherine Hepburn Performing Arts Center (the Kate).  The planning of this site provides much needed parking in the down town area with a pocket park at the north-east corner of the property.  The great park, to be implemented in phase 2, is a one and a third acre site planned with multiple destinations and a variety of spaces to make the parcel seem larger than its actual size. 

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