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190905 Odyssey Plans Edited.png

Start of the Semester - More Books

Odyssey Bookstore Space Planning and Design

South Hadley, MA



Project Team:

Naomi Darling - Principal  

Maya Gamble


This project was undertaken pro-bono to support our local bookstore providing space planning assistance to become the official bookstore of Mount Holyoke College.  Seasonally, a college bookstore is in flux to reflect the rhythms of the academic year.  In the fall and January, at the start of the new semesters, the bookstore has shelves filled with required and suggested books for classes.  As the semester progresses, and the books acquired, space needs transition to needing more space for lectures, readings and public events.  Near the winter holidays and graduation, parents, students and alums want to purchase gifts and memorabilia with the college seal – t-shirts, sweatshirts and water bottles.  The challenge was to develop a planning strategy that would easily allow the area dedicated to bookshelves to easily expand and contract with the seasons.  The solution was to rotate the shelves ninety degrees so that they could readily collapse, expanding the space available for sportswear and to accommodate public events.  Additionally, we suggested painting the three walls surrounding the space in Mount Holyoke blue and to strategically locate the logo high on the walls for maximum visibility and branding. 

190905 Odyssey Plans Edited.png

Mid Semester - Public Events

190905 Odyssey Plans Edited.png

End of Semester (Graduation and Reunions) - More Swag

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