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Icosahedron 1.JPG

Icosahedron Light

2016 - On going


Project Team:

Naomi Darling  


A personal project born of my love for geometry and pattern making, icosahedron lights are paper light fixtures assembled from twenty interlocking triangular modules.  Origami icosahedron were folded from twenty interlocking folded modules that were part of the initial geometry investigation.  Two variants are shown here with different patterns on the interlocking tabs. 

Icosahedron 2.png
Icosahedron 4.jpg
Icosahedron 3.JPG
Icosahedron 5.jpg
Icosahedron 6.jpg
Icosahedron 10.JPG
Icosahedron 7.jpg
Icosahedron 9.JPG
Icosahedron 8.jpg
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