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Dana Place Terrace and Library

Amherst, MA

2019 - On going


Project Team:

Naomi Darling - Principal  

Nicole De Araujo


The Dana Place Terrace and Library is a second-floor addition and renovation of a rigorous mid-century home in the center of Amherst, MA.   Nick and Jessica, the clients for this project, are both art historians with an extensive book collection and need for a private library.  Their growing family also requires the addition of three bedrooms and a bathroom for shared use by the children.  Magic is a must.

The design, still in process, proposes inserting a vertical two-story light volume that will be flooded with daylight from all directions and will house the library stacks.  Connected will be a single-story volume with a large work table surrounded by the oversized book collection. The light box will connect the library space to the new children’s bedrooms and a celebratory staircase will spiral through the space leading one to a “Top of the Cap” party terrace on top of the existing great room pop-up.  Additional changes include insulating the entire roof for improved energy performance and a green roof that will be visible from the newly occupiable terrace.  The cap, currently solid, will be renovated with vertical louvers to allow natural daylight to flood the main living space. 


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