PANEL DISCUSSION: ärkiˈtekCHərəl känvərˈsāSH(ə)ns Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn | MARCH 15, 2016 at 6:30PM

please come by the Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn - should be a great show and conversation!  

Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn will present a panel discussion in conjunction with the current exhibition Arki,tekCHeral. The gallery talk will focus on syntactic systems of architectural forms and patterns in text, language and the built environment. It will explore ways that artists and architects expose, disassemble and reconfigure architectural artifacts in order to translate experience into a poetically communicative space, one that is visual and concrete. Joining the conversation will be gallery artists Matt Bua and Isidro Blasco along with architects, Naomi Darling and Ray Kinoshita Mann. The panel will be modified by the show’s curator, Sandy Litchfield.